People Ahead of Politics

Dr. Randy Jotte knows that partisan gridlock is preventing our state and country from moving forward. Dr. Jotte will end politics as usual in Jefferson City by putting people ahead of lobbyists and special interests. He will work across party lines to find thoughtful solutions to the many issues facing residents of the 1st Senatorial District.

Growing Our Economy

As an active member of the community, Dr. Randy Jotte knows our region has great potential to attract new jobs. However, he has witnessed what ill-advised policies do to stifle job creation. As State Senator, Dr. Jotte will work to create opportunities for quality jobs and spark overall growth in our region by cutting needless red tape and ensuring there is a fair tax structure for all Missourians.

Healing Our Community

As a St. Louis native, husband, and father of two, Dr. Randy Jotte is committed to making our community and neighborhoods safe. Dr. Jotte will ensure that our police officers and other first responders are given the support and resources they need to safely protect our communities.

Dr. Jotte knows that state and national leaders have failed us. He knows it’s time for leadership, compassion and vision. He will work to bring all interested parties to the table to devise a plan of action for healing our community and bringing safety and stability to the region.

Fixing Our Healthcare

As an emergency physician and professor of medicine, Dr. Randy Jotte believes we have a social and moral obligation to ensure that all Missourians have access to healthcare. Yet, Dr. Jotte knows that Obamacare has further complicated an already complex system and increased costs. He supports reforms to root out waste and improve efficiencies that will ultimately make care more affordable. With decades of service to the industry, Dr. Jotte has the experience needed to find those efficiencies. He will work to empower patients and their doctors, not government bureaucrats.